Landing Web Design

Welcome to Landing Web Design!

Landing Web Design was founded by two friends with an interest in providing affordable internet solutions to local businesses. The idea formed when it was discovered that a local Chinese food restaurant had no website, and upon further research it was discovered that almost none of their favorite local eateries were represented on the internet. Ideas snowballed from there, and now we offer a variety of internet and computer services.

Our websites and templates all come with several pages: Home, About us, Services, Gallery, Contact us, Site Map.

Our goal here is to help you achieve your very own web presence by creating you a custom fit website that meets all of your needs and gives you the idenity that will best match with whoever you are trying to reach. With creating a custom designed website we also can offer the service of helping to drive traffic to website using Search Engine Optimization. We do this by getting your site involved in the network of sites related to you topic or market, picking the right keywords for you, and can help in reaching a high page rank. Web based marketing isn’t something new, and we definitely are not the first to come up with the new idea, but what makes us different is the tools, research, and techniques it requires to stay ahead of the curve.

We create and manage all kinds of sites from a fantasy sports blog, local restaurants, and even just your own randomly created blog where you can just chat about whatever you want and earn money off of your own thoughts. Our newest addition is a site all about slick deals. The site promotes all the great deals, promos, and coupons that you want. Its was mostly created to show how we can create a simple site for you and start driving traffic to it in a very short amount of time. The service doesn’t happen overnight, but the ROI for this service makes it a great value.

We want you to have a successful webiste or blog, and we want you to keep coming back for all your marketing information, advertising tips, general website building tools, and traffic driving tips.

Feel free to check out the site which will be updated frequently. See our first local business that started this all.